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I put up this page to tie together the various things that I do. I did not go into hobbies, volunteer work or personal beliefs.

This is a work in progress and the below items are in no particular order and at various stages of completeness.

Oh, and I ride my bicycle to work, rain or shine.



Some general things about me



Family man

Married with six children, one married (to a great guy). One cute grandchild.
My wife, Miriam, is a graduate of the "Morot Halacha" program of MaTaN and serves as a community POC for halachic questions, as well as educating teenage girls and giving classes to adults on Tanach, Talmud and other Judaic matters.
My kids are special; this small space cannot do them justice.

Patent Attorney & Strategist

At Ehrlich & Fenster, currently in charge of the Medical Device Department.

Specializing in Startup companies with groundbreaking technology and exciting potential consequences.

You can find me on linkedin

Bio at E&F

Idea Engineer

I am not sure this exists as a field yet. I work with ideas all day and ideas seem to exist at various stages of maturity. But there do not seem to be suitable tools for writing down, analyzing and modifying ideas, as such, other than prose. Working on this.

As an idea engineer I help identify, analyse, sharpen, modify and rebuild ideas to meet challenges.

Unlike some, I think ideas are at least as valuable as execution.


See more about idea manipulation here

Doctoral candidate

I am slowly moving along on a doctorate in Computer Science, specializing in AI at the AIM laboratory run by Prof. Sarit Kraus at Bar Ilan University, Israel. As I am only doing it part time, it is slow going.
Some of my work is about deception of people by computers and methods of defending against such deception.
Some of my work is about automated extraction and mapping of ideas.

Bookworm & Info-glutton

I like reading books, both fiction and non-fiction. I also like collecting paper copies. So does my wife, so we have a nice overflowing library room or two.

I like information in other forms as well. Probably too much information...



I have invented all sorts of stuff and am also listed on over 40 US patents. While I am considered creative, patents are more a function of being at the right place, at the right time with money to spend on IP.

Stuff - in random order



Meir Rotenberg, a bible scholar

Meir Rotenberg is a modern bible scholar, who, while in Siberia during WWII, conceived of a set of grammatical rules for understanding unclear sentences and words in the bible. He lived a long, but financially impoverished life. As he notes in the introduction to his book on proverbs - he is publishing only 60, in the hope that somebody comes around and can bankroll the publication of the rest.  I may be that person. I have been working to digitize and publish some of his works.

Idea Supremecy

This is a project I have been working on with my friend Haim Schlesinger. In a nutshell, we meet with entrepreneurs and extract from/with them the essence of their idea and repackage it as a compact crystal ball. When then need to make decisions, they can look in the ball and easily see how well the options they have are aligned with their idea. it lets them "lead with their idea" instead of "get lost fast with execution"

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In what manner do different people think differently

I have been stewing over this issue for probably 30 years. One result is a shelf full of books titled "how to think like a X", base don the assumption that each discipline has its own, relatively stable, way of thinking. What I want to do is build a taxonomy, or at least define dimensions, on which I can mark typical ways of thinking.
I wonder what the white space looks like.

Doing things to ideas

What can you do to an idea?
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Mapping invention

In my day job I get to see many ideas developing from insight to practical and from vague to concrete. I was looking for a way to map out this journey of innovation. To that end I developed a tool for drawing C-K double headed trees.

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I work with people from all over the world. Some of the names I cannot even imagine how to pronounce. Some I can imagine, but butcher anyway. I built a tool allowing people to record their name the way they want others to pronounce it, and add it to their e-mail signature.
Try it out


Sometimes you want to say "I told you so", but to stay alive, you avoid that earlier "telling". My friend Haim had the idea of building a website where one could record their beliefs about the future and allow them to be exposed only at a later (safe?) time. Then you can say "Knew It". I built the website on a lark and was pleasantly surprised to see how easy, cheap and fast it was to build a web service.

Visualizing Ideas as dance

What does an idea look like? Using the sound to movement mapping ideas in the book "harnessed", I am hopping to convert ideas (maybe starting from patent claim formulations) into animated stick figure dances. Waiting for my linguist daughter to finish the book and have time for this project.


Mapping to images

As this page probably still attests, finding images to match the text is not easy. I was thinking of using a since scheme, say "images form my garden" and finding a way to find images that match text entries. maybe I will acquire the images as needed. I am sure there are professionals who know how to do this, but have not (yet) found an easy system to follow.


There are all sorts of things I am interested in, but do not have time to pursue. Find an evolving and incomplete menagerie here (coming soon).

What I am looking for

I love new ideas and new ways of looking at things, especially if you can do more with less or do what you could not do before (or maybe could not imagine before). I have a need to understand "how". And then "what can we do with it".

I am looking  for collaborators to work with on such things, especially making the world a better place through judicious leveraging of ideas.

If you want to connect