The pleasure of insight

One of the fun things about working as a patent attorney is the sheer variety that walks through the door. One is always in the state of not-knowing. And then, suddenly, in the state of yes knowing. This happens multiple times a day. This process of going from not knowing to knowing often includes one or more moments of insight. It is not easy to tell what is more pleasurable – the “aha” moment or the sense of coherence which follows.

In any case, the whole process of drafting a patent application is loaded with “aha” moments, small and large. The formalizing of drafting claims requires a sense for coherence, as claims must be coherent. And that is what “aha” moments do – allow you to reassemble the parts you have to provide a more essential understanding.

Not all insights are of the “aha” type. Some are of the “awe” type, when the significance of the new becomes clear. Some are of the “wonder” type, when the potential far reaching consequences of the idea start to appear.

To be clear, having this insight is critical. Imagine that a new thing presented to you by an inventor is like a watermelon. It is so big that you cannot fit it in your mouth or chew on it. You must find some way to knock it down in size. Insights allow you to identify slices to focus on and coherence allows you to compress the slices to a manageable size. Only then can you do your job with is to figure if and how IP methods can help the client with his goals.

The pleasure of insight

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